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Drawing Salve Ingredients

Drawing salves can be called by different names: Black salve, black drawing salve, draw out salve, etc. The basic make up of in these salves are similar and usually the primary ingredients include some of the following:

Ichthammol is a primary ingredient in many, but not all drawing salves. This causes a weakening of the skin where it is drawing applied. Circulation is then increased and blood is sent to the infected http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=drawing area. This causes the pus to rise to the surface and be expelled, thus allowing healing to occur.

Drawing Salve History

The phenomenon of products such as these reached the height of popularity late in the 1800s when natural medicines became very popular as a way to treat various ailments naturally. These salves were often individual family concoctions that were manufactured and then sold door to door. As customers used the salves, and they were found to be effective, the demand for them increased and pharmacies and stores started to offer these products.

Catchy advertising with memorable slogans were displayed in stores and on the shelves. Magazines and flyers displayed entire pages of vivid testimonials about the miraculous cures that were wrought by these products. Word of mouth was the primary method of spreading the word about the curative properties of the drawing salve, and continues to be so today.

Throughout the early part of the twentieth century, these salves were found in nearly every household medicine cabinet. Farmers used them for their animals as well as their children with good results. Whole teams of salespeople toured the countryside, marketing these products and other natural remedies and products.

When the proliferation of the big chemical laboratories began to become prominent in the 1940s these types of natural products began to see a decline in popularity as more advanced medicines took over, and doctors prescribed more "modern" medications. The more commercial remedies, which also were heavily advertised, replaced the old stand-by salves and liniments. People still purchased these products who desired a more natural solution to their infections, even though in more limited quantities.

Because the salves do not contain any ingredient that is regulated by the Government, they can be sold over the counter without encountering any government regulation. Some people are skeptical of the healing powers of drawing salves but for those who use them, the salves are a must-have product.

Drawing Salve Usage

Some of the things that drawing salves have been used for are:

Drawing Salve And Its Future

The usage of this remarkable product has rebounded in popularity over the past decade as many types of bacteria have shown resistance to antibacterial chemicals. There is an interest among naturopaths and non traditional healing practitioners in drawing salves being used in the treatment of skin problems. Some people feel that there are good results with these remedies while others remain unconvinced. There has little, if any scientific research that has been done in this area to date.

For those that believe in its virtues there is no scientific evidence necessary. The "proof is in the pudding", so to speak. After all, if the results prove out the claim, that is all some people need. Since the products have literally no side effects, and they are relatively inexpensive, people are willing to give these types of products a try.